Blue Supremacy Pits Contract 2017-2018  

Salute to all of our Soldiers at war , from our fallen hero's & to the ones laying there life's on the line everyday to make sure our freedom is secured, I salute you!!

I would like to thank you for believing in  me to provide you with a wonderful bully here at B.S.P.  It takes years of hard work to accomplish the specific look and those specific traits that you wish to have in a pup. With that being said, my pups are free of any genetic defects and have such wonderful temperaments  along with that, a beautiful bully frame that I know you will fall in love with.. I truly enjoy producing top quality , showstopping pups. Nationwide I have sold beautiful pups and everytime I get calls saying how there bully is the talk of there town. I love producing "TALK OF THE TOWNS" lol. 

Once pup is purchased, please allow your state licensed vet check the health of the puppy within 24 hrs to verify the pups state of   health. Deposit's are non - refundable but if for any reason the pick of your choice wasnt available after birth or  if something trajic would happened to the pup while still here on  B.S.P. grounds,   I can definitely transfer the deposit to a another litter of your choice.

All payments are to be made thru Pay Pal and must be paid in full by the time pup turns 8 wks. old . I  David Stein will not be held responsible for the pup once he or she leaves B.S.P. grounds. All Deals are final as well as all payments are final. No Refunds!!!
Crate and shipping fee's will be at the expense of said purchaser as well.



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Thanks  for purchasing your new "Talk of  the Town "  I hope you will enjoy em and raise em with love and care. They are very loyal and loving and if treated responsibly , they can & will be your best friend !!!!

                                                                                                                                                  Sincerely   David Stein       B . S . P .   "2017-2018"